Latest Spring Summer 2012 Collection for Ties


How to Pair Ties With Your Shirts? A very frequently asked question by men who care a lot about their style.

Ties give your appearance a final touch and it is very necessary for you to have matching ties and shirts. So you are saying that you get confused when it comes to matching your ties with your shirts, And you definitely need a solution to this problem. 

Well sometimes so simple things in life get your trapped badly and you get confused. Ties and shirts have a very close relationship, White shirt is like a blank canvas and you can wear almost any tie over a white shirt. Shirts in solid colors are real friends of ties. White shirt is cool with any tie but wear white shirt everyday is not a good idea, it will make you look more boring. Another good idea is to have solid pink shirt or blue shirt with a patterned tie. The overall concept is to let your shirt pull the highlights for your tie.
If you want to wear light color shirts then a tie with a darker color ( with a hint of your shirt color) can do the trick for you.
If you are going for a bold patterned shirt than you need a solid color tie to match your “louder shirt“.
My last words for today, wear what exactly you feel good about and don’t impose any unnecessary item in your clothing. Take public opinion in your mind as public has to see you all the day in your environment, so keep their behavior in mind while selecting your ties and shirts.