Latest New Sonakshi Sinha takes a dig at size-zero heroines!


Latest New Sonakshi Sinha takes a dig at size-zero heroines!The trials and tribulations that actors face when chasing that ideal shape often results in fainting spells on sets. So when Sonakshi Sinha was asked about her weight issues, she got mighty offended and took a dig at the size-zero babes in B-town, claiming that she was perfectly fit

“Beyond a point you stop reacting to it. The audience has accepted me… that’s what matters. It’s not like people aren’t coming to me with films. Frankly, I have worked very hard to look the way I do today. I have lost a lot of weight. I still work hard on myself, my films, my skills and that’s paying off. So far, in all the roles that I have played, I am not required to be size zero. I am not a model, I am an actor. I am a regular 25 year old, happy playing roles that let me be like that. Being fit is a part of this industry and I am quite fit. I don’t fall sick, collapse on sets and faint. I can work for long hours.”