Latest Handmade Bangles 2012 by Geomaza


Bangles or usually known as choorian are known as jewellery of women, there are different kinds of bangles to accessorize with different clothing giving a total feminan look. Recently new tradition has been emerging moving from the usual glass made bangles famous from Sialkot people are going towards thread bangles or known as hand made bangles,by by Geomaza they are the the most in thing at the moment, going with every out fit, giving your clothes and your personality a different edge. making you look more elegant and most importantly they are not just worn in weddings or functions now but due to the new fashion can be worn in daily lives.

These bangles are not only available in Sialkot, but you can also find them in various THI ZONE  outlets or illusions, the most accessible way is facebook where due to one click of the mouse you can find various people who have made  Geomaza hand made bangles pages at nominal prices go get them today.