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Everyone knows that a woman’s handbag is often a reflection of her mood and personality. Thus, everyone is concerned with choosing a bag that expresses who they are and that also fits with their lifestyle in order to make the right fashion statement. However, what most women don’t understand is a bag should not be chosen only because of how it looks or how it suits your lifestyle. It should flatter your body shape too. The right handbag can not only polish up your style, but also highlight your attractive features while downplaying your unflattering ones. It can visually knock off some pounds or make you look curvier depending on what type of handbag you choose.

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Choosing the Right Handbag to Flatter Your Shape

When it comes to handbags, the general rule is to choose the opposite shape of your body type.For instance, if you are thin and tall, go for a rounded, slouched hobo bag to add some curves to your figure. On the other hand, if you are curvy and short, you can choose a handbag that is long and sleek (like a clutch) or tall and rectangular.

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Slender women should go for a medium-sized Hermes handbag which has a slouchy shape like a hobo bag, since they will help draw attention away from your stature. Steer clear of shoulder bags that have a short strap as they will make you look even taller. Opt for handbags that are wider than they are tall like a clutch. A hobo bag is also great if you have a narrow waist, while a shoulder bag that doesn’t go any lower than your hips also has the same effect.

Large bags are not flattering on short women as they tend to overwhelm their frames. Steer clear of long shoulder bags as they will weigh you down and make you look even shorter. To balance their proportions, a petite woman should go for a small handbag. A small-busted woman could choose a bag that drapes across the chest like a satchel, while a shoulder bag can detract from a large bust. Another thing to remember for petite women is that they should try to buy block color handbags instead of ones that are highly patterned, as the latter choice can make your body look disproportionate.