Latest Fancy Aijaz Aslam Collection 2011


This was the beginning of a fruitful, versatile and still evolving career. Aijazz went on to become the sweetheart of the television and billboard surfaces. With 40 plus serials, 50 plus telefilms, various soaps, a few movies, many commercials and much, much more under his belt, his portfolio is exceptional and unmatched.

Unlike most performers the one thing that he has always maintained is complete and total professionalism and hard work. With a huge fan following and everyone looking to replicate his sense of style, Aijazz realized that beyond being an actor and model he has the potential to plug into the designer realm of business. Today Aijazz is truly a force to be reckoned with where he is an Actor, Commercial Model, Producer and Designer.

This is his really very impressive collection for men and women both.The style and posses for the shoot are amazing and Ayyan is looking so much gorgeous among two handsome guys. see the collection and enjoy.