Latest Bangles designs for Eid 2014


Latest Bangles designs for Eid 2014

Eid, Bangles and Mehndi and, what connects them to Muslim women? Eid is the festival of Muslims. You can contrast Eid with New Year or Christmas in importance. A Celebration of Eid includes festive dresses, festive food, gift giving and giving money to the poor people. The festival also includes going to the mosque for reciting Takbeer. Men wear fragrances and their best innovative or cleaned outfit.

Latest Bangles designs

Bangles designs for women

Women make or buy their Eid Dresses before Eid more than a month. They also get in touch with Mehndi designers to make sure that they have attractive Mehndi designs during this time. Bangles are similarly important to admiring comment the Eid wear and Mehndi designs in their hands and feet.


More is more this period when it comes to adorning your arms with jewelry – bangles to be literal. Bangles have been about for hundreds of years, but they are more fun and adaptable than ever right now. Nothing is pretty like glass bangles. The luminescence, unique and elegant sound is unmistakable. Though totally unique and cultural, glass bangles are easy to insert to your everyday style. Undeniably, bangles harmonize the dress of a woman. Wearing bangles are like adding one more quill to your cap.

stunning gold bangles

For women’s bangles are a significant part of their Eid Chora. In this post, we have collected some newest bangles designs for your beautiful hands. We hope that you will like these designs.