Latest 2012 Women Clothing By Shubnik


When one hears the word Shubinak, the first question that comes to mind is “What does it mean?” In Khowar; the language of the high valleys of Chitral, Pakistan; Shubinak has two meanings. One is to describe the warping of a loom by women spinners; the other is the word for spider, nature’s master weaver. Because of its purely natural and organic origins, Shu has a rugged texture, and a unique look and feel; there will always be a difference in the shade of each individual item. Due to the tremendous amount of hand-crafting involved in the process of making Shu, this fabric and products made from it are far from perfect as per conventional standards.

Recently they have introduced their latest bags and clothes collection for winter season 2012 have a look to this outstanding and new collection by Shubnik.