KUCH TOH LOG KAHENGE Will Ashutosh wed Nidhi?


There’s a minor hitch in their plans but it looks like the two will overcome it

After much ado, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’s doctors Ashutosh and Nidhi will get married tomorrow (May 9). The two have seen a lot of heartbreak due to their age difference and the interference of Mallika, but all that’s settled. The wedding rituals have begun and the actual nuptials are expected to take place peacefully.

However, yesterday it seemed as if the wedding will not take place without a fight. Nidhi had got a blazing red sherwani for Ashutosh to wear at the wedding. Ashutosh took one look at it and blushed. His friend Armaan and the others too started laughing as they pictured him wearing such a gaudy outfit. Ashutosh was really uncomfortable with Nidhi’s choice and we wondered if he’ll make his stand clear or give in for her sake. This reminder of their age difference seemed to foreshadow more trouble. But the channelwallahs put all our doubts to rest when they aired a glimpse of the duo’s wedding night in between the commercial breaks. Ashutosh looked handsome in his off-white sherwani embellished with gold as he approaches a gorgeously outfitted Nidhi sleeping on their marital bed. If there’s a wedding night, then there must be a wedding too, right? Looks like we worried in vain!