Katrina Kaif says Salman Khan has become much calmer now


Katrina Kaif says Salman Khan has become much calmer now!Salman Khan is finally to be seen with his former lady love Katrina Kaif in their upcoming movie Ek Tha Tiger. The promos of the movie are going really well and Salman looks young and in all romantic mood.

When the actor was asked if he feels old in playing the romantic role, he said, “No, I don’t think that I am too old to do romance on screen. The time you can do action you can do romance as well. If you can’t do action, there is no romance.”

Katrina could not stop telling that Salman has changed over the years and has gone calmer. She said, “I think he has become much calmer now. Earlier his energy level is to run around, he used to be insane. Though he has calmed down from that, still it is above normal.”

Katrina, who has made it big in the industry with the help of Sallu, says that Salman always used to opine that she would make it big in the industry. The actress has Dhoom 3 coming with Aamir Khan and an untitled film with Shahrukh Khan.

She said, “They are different in their own ways. And the similarity between them is that three of them are iconic figures in the Hindi film industry and are respected actors. Their approaches are certainly different.”

Well, it seems that Kat and Salman are getting together so well. We love the couple and their chemistry on screen.