Karl Lagerfeld from Bombay-Paris Collection


KarlLagerfeld (born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt on September 10, 1933) is widely recognized as one of the most influential fashion designers of the late 20th century. He has collaborated with a variety of different fashion labels, with Chloé, Fendi and Chanel the most notable. But with contracts with companies internationally, throughout his career, he has probably built the most complicated resume of any designer. Furthermore, he has his own labels, which he launched in the early 1980s, including perfume and clothing. He has also played a role in equipping leading artists.

Recently he has showcased his exclusive collection in Bombay fashion week which is calles Paris collection.Collection is just outstanding and stunning.have a ook to great collection by Karl Lagerfeld .Thre is used a splendid jeweler to make the collection more appealing and attractive .