Karisma Kapur to file for divorce from husband Sunjay?


Karisma Kapur to file for divorce from husband SunjayWhile her professional life may be picking up speed, personally life could be better for Dangerous Ishhq comeback star Karisma Kapur

She worked steadily for many years, making her mark in Bollywood and leaving a star-studded trail for younger sister Kareena Kapoor to follow. And then she gave it all up for love…or so we assumed when Karisma Kapur quit acting to move to Delhi with husband Sunjay Kapur. Two babies and much gossip later, she is back in Mumbai, children and designer wardrobe in tow, all set to take on everything she had left behind. And she is everywhere these days, from commercials for a baby-ware website to hawking almonds in print ads to a new film being publicised as her comeback vehicle.But life at home is not all hunky-dory for the ever-slim and still-sexy Karisma. According to the gossip buzz, she is filing for divorce from her entrepreneur husband and has already moved to Mumbai for good. We did know that the marriage was disturbed – in fact, the couple did try reconciliation a few years ago and had a second baby after that – but the thought of a permanent split is difficult to digest, especially because there are children involved. And we prefer love stories with happy endings here on BollywoodLife!

Our best wishes to KK and whatever she does next….