Karishma Kapoor in Crescent Lawn Summer Collection 2013


There are some brands of Pakistan and Indian fashion industry which you will only find in the season of spring and summer, though these designs can do their catalogs and their seasonal wear for other seasons as well, but it appears as if they only want to work 6 months of the year and rest of the seasons they actually love to take holidays, today we have the brand with us which is very popular and is known for displaying their catalogs with sexy and beautiful superstars of bollywood, though the brand is originated in Pakistan but still their catalogs are actually presented by sexy and beautiful Indian actresses.Crescent lawn by Faraz Manan is a very popular and one of few brands in Pakistan which are still owned by solo designers and caters in 3 pieces suiting, the brand was last surfaced with their catalogs in March 2012 and than after that we had seen a couple more catalogs from Faraz Manan’s brand and than they went all the way silence, and now after a year they are again back with the beautiful and Hot Indian actress known as Karishma Kapoor, last year also it was her who had displayed the catalog of crescent lawn and this season again, this complete catalog comes in 3 pieces suiting and available in the flagship stores of Crescent lawn in Indian and Pakistan, beside that he also has many stockist available in different countries.This is just the preview of the catalog and the whole catalog with complete details of material and sizes would be available starting 4th March, so if you are interested in any of these outfits which are already displayed than you can simply book your order or if you prefer to wait, which in our opinion you should, than you can visit the stores or our website for the complete catalog of this beautiful brand in the first week of March and than decide which color combination suits you and order the outfit.