Kareena Kapoor to gloss up Heroine with Moulin Rouge style


Kareena Kapoor to gloss up Heroine with Moulin Rouge styleWe all know that Madhur Bhandarkar makes an effort to explore the underbelly of whatever topic he chooses. But will razzle-dazzle do all the talking this time around?

Madhur Bhandarkar is making a movie called Heroine. We know that. We even have ‘the’ diva of B-town,Kareena Kapoor, flaunting her thumkas in the massy item number Halkat Jawaani to drive the point home, ‘coz can a heroine’s role ever be complete without an item number? No way!

But even after that Bhandarkar was not sure if he would succeed in getting the image of a heroine across with elan. And so, to add a dollop of glamour or more to his already glossy movie, he has included a song titled Main Heroine Hoon that will play with the end credits rolling by its side. You know, just so that you don’t forget what the movie was about while getting out of the theatre and all that. Sigh!

What’s more, the last number will feature Bebo in a through-and-through Moulin Rouge ishtyle. “Kareena is clearly inspired by the western musical here. The costumes, props, set pieces, lighting and the swaying dance moves…just about everything in the choreography of this song is on the same lines asChicago,” a birdie revealed. Oh, so here’s another inspiration from the textbook called Hollywood. Sigh!

Now we know that this movie of Bhandarkar’s will be truly gloss-dripping. Well, we’re not complaining, but we only hope that it doesn’t turn out to be just another from-casting-couch-to-item-numbers story.

And that’s because after watching KK’s divaliciousness take up most of the space in the promos, a small voice in us has started beginning to wonder aloud – will the real woman behind the ‘heroine’ please stand up?