Kareena Kapoor Khan Will she continue to rule Bollywood


Kareena Kapoor Khan Will she continue to rule BollywoodWill Kareena Kapoor Khan still be on top of the list in Bollywood? How will her upcoming film, Talaash fare? Will her Dabangg 2 item song be liked? How are things looking for her in general post-marriage? Read her Tarot card prediction and find out!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the Queen of Cups – or should I say, the Queen of Hearts. She’s going to continue her rule over Bollywood with her fans loving her work more than ever. Her presence will be felt in all that she will venture into. Kareena’s support system, represented by the Seven of Wands depicts her family and Saif Ali Khan, who will deserve equal credit for the elevation of her career. They will allow her a different perspective and help her to be more proactive and serious towards her work. Their encouragement will keep her grounded and successful.

Talaash is Kareena’s next release opposite Aamir Khan, where she will display her versatility, allowing the World and Star card to come into play. These cards show increasing respect for her talent and better perception of her acting. The ease with which she will execute her character will bring her acclaim. In fact, on the basis of her acting, the Five of Wands along with the Sun card are indicative of Kareena receiving more new projects. Therefore, Talaash is key to her career moving forward.

Choreographed by Farah Khan, Kareena’s item song in Dabangg 2 – called Fevicol – will exude the right mood. The revelation of the Empress, the Queen of Wands and the temptress Devil, her dance will be sensual and carry a positive command over her performance. She will be pleased with the end product and will enjoy its success.

In a general sense, Kareena is having to forego many changes in her life currently. She is still in the adjustment phase, but as mentioned earlier, she is being well supported. At the same time, the Seven of Cups represents a confused mental state where unknown illusions can harbour – therefore she will need to be careful of taking outsiders at face value – caution will serve her well. At the same time, the Five of Pentacles warns Kareena to take care of her skin as unnecessary concerns can trigger off skin-related issues. The cards also explain the importance of staying away from arguments, which will somehow seem to find her. With such awareness, Kareena will do well in her career post-marriage.