Kareena Kapoor will be on diet even during her wedding

Kareena Kapoor will be on diet even during her weddingSometimes it becomes tad disturbing to be in demand. People always want you to look good and hot. Same is the case with Kareena Kapoor. The lady is supposedly on a marriage vacation since she is allegedly getting married between 16 and 21st of this month. You would expect her to throw caution out of the window and do anything she wants to. But sources suggest Kareena has to keep an eye on her diet even during her wedding.
No, it isn’t because of the wedding but for her work commitments. As per a source, Kareena will shoot for the item song of Dabangg 2 with Salman Khan after her wedding. That’s why she needs to keep a check on what she is digging her teeth into. Kareena is already keeping a track of what she is gobbling up so that when she does the song in the movie, she looks absolutely ravishing.
There are stories that Kareena Kapoor has to look sexy to the hilt in the song. She might have to flaunt her flat mid-riff. Well, such is life that even on her wedding; this bride can’t eat to her heart’s content. But then that’s what professionals are made of. Aren’t they?