kamiar Rokni Lawn by Bonanza Complete Collection 2012


Kamiar Rokni and Bonanza are considered to be leading and famous Pakistani fashion brands. Recently, Bonanza will be launching latest and exclusive summer lawn collection 2012 with Pakistan famous fashion designer named Kamiar Rokni. This collection will be Kamiar Rokni first joint venture with Bonanza. Kamiar Rokni planned his latest summer lawn collection 2012 in three main sections such as romantics, traditionalists and modernist. Let’s have a quick look at the latest Bonanza lawn complete collection by Kamiar Rokni 2012. If we talk about three sections of this summer lawn collection then romantics section includes beautiful prints of inspiration flowers, lace and feathers. In additionally, traditionalist lawn collection by Kamiar Rokni includes rich and beautiful dramatic prints. Lastly, modernist section includes the funky line. In this section, all the outfits include strong colour combination and bold geometrics. Furthermore, all the outfits in this collection are extremely beautiful and elegant. On the whole after discussing Bonanza lawn complete collection by Kamiar Rokni it is easy to conclude that this lawn collection will be soon available in all the main outlets of Pakistan. In simple words, we can say that this collection is rarely classy and lovely.