Kamal Hassan Yash Chopra was a wonderful person


Kamal Hassan Yash Chopra was a wonderful personYash Chopra’s demise was shocking for everyone. The news took a lot of time to sink in for us. Only a few days back, he was chronicling his fabulous filmy journey at a show commemorating his 80th birthday. Today, he is not amongst us, no wonder that even Kamal Hassan is in shock and is still finding it difficult to believe that Yash Chopra is no longer with us.

Hassan told a daily that he met Chopra a few weeks back and now, he is gone. He doesn’t think Chopra deserved to go so early. They had meetings pretty often. Hassan said that he met the director only a few days ago. The latter was as fervent as always but he did look tad weak. When Kamal Hassan asked him the reason behind it, Chopra quipped that when someone reaches the age of 32, one can’t expect to be energetic like a 19 year old. Same is the case with him. This made both of them have a good laugh.
Hassan continued that Chopra never looked burdened by the 80 years that he lived. He was never intimidated by the fact that he is one of the best directors of the industry. Hassan felt that whenever they met, they would end up being kids who are in awe of everything around in a toy store. Chopra told Hassan he would meet him when he will land in Chennai to record a song with A R Rahman in a few days. But that won’t happen now.
When asked why the two didn’t come together in a film, Hassan said that they brainstormed many ideas to come together in a movie but nothing shaped up. However he doesn’t regret it at all because the time he spent discussing cinema with Chopra was worth a lifetime for Haasan. Anything incredible in terms of film technology used to excite Yash Chopra a lot and hence, motion picture technique made him very intrigued too.