Kajal falls for Ajays pranks


Ajay Devgn might be a reticent person but when he is filming a different side of him comes to the fore. The actor is never short of pranks to play on his co-stars and crew members. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that seldom anyone escapes his mischievous antics. And this has been the trend from the initial days of his career. Ajay’s Singham co-star Kajal Aggarwal is his latest victim. Kajal recalled, “We were shooting for a massive action scene. Ajay had to take badla (revenge) for something that happened to me and I had to stand in the background….” The team was shooting in Goa in the scorching summer heat, so to avoid sunburn Kajal was waiting in her vanity van for the shot. “When I walked out of the van, he (Ajay) removed his belt and told me to beat up the goons. I wondered why because when Singham (the character) was in the shot. But he justified it and I fell for it. I took his belt and went to the fighters and said, ‘Bhaiyya sorry, I will have to hit you. So, save yourselves.’ Then, I very gently tried to hit them. Suddenly I turned around and all of them were on the floor, and I realised that the camera was not even rolling. I was so embarrassed,” laughs the newcomer. Well, wonder how Ajay’s co-stars fall for his shenanigans, given that he is a popular prankster. Anyways, as Kajal says, “You know, all these pranks that they played were very nice ice-breakers because it just got me to become friendlier with my unit.” Yes, definitely, but it’s time someone pulls a fast one on Ajay!