John Abraham not ready to work with Bipasha Basu


John Abraham not ready to work with Bipasha BasuHyderabad, Jan 1: Grapevines had it in the recent past, that John Abraham as well as his ex-girl friend Bipasha Basu might participate together in the Mumbai Marathon. However, the actual scenario is not so rosy! John has been a part of the show for a long time and this year Bips too will participate in the show as she is supporting a special cause.

And therefore there were reports that the two might be present in the same podium for the event. There was also talks of the duo burying up the hatchet and becoming friends again, but Mr Abraham is not in a mood to do so. He is not at all ready to get patched up professionally with his ex-flame.

So when recently he was probed that whether he would be working with Bipasha once again, prompt came the reply, that he has not yet thought of working with her, it is not even in his mind. Bips is quite open to working with John again but here John has been refusing to do so. He is staying away from Bipasha. They both had a bitter break up and therefore they make sure that they don’t attend common parties at the same time.