John Abraham won’t marry Priya Marwah, but someone secret


John Abraham won't marry Priya Marwah, but someone secretThe media have come across something new and juicy in actor John Abraham‘s love life that would refute all the rumours about Johnnie boy’s affair with Priya Marwah. A source revealed to TOI that it’s not Priya Marwah that the hunk is head-over-heels in love with, but someone taller and fairer.

“It’s not the girl in the papers – Priya Marwah – but someone else I’ve spotted visiting him often. She is taller, fairer,” the source informed. Though John never admitted his serious relationship with Priya but he confirmed the fact that he has a special someone in his life.

Recently when John was spotted with Priya hand in hand, the nation speculated her as John’s Ms Lady love. But now the story seems something else. Now, we’ll just have to wait and watch till John Abraham comes out in the open confessing not only his intention to marry but also the name of the girl whom he wishes to marry.