John Abraham wants to donate his sperm, but only to his future wife!


John Abraham wants to donate his sperm but only to his future wifeEver since the promos of the hunk’s home production Vicky Donor have been released, the actor has been inundated with offers to accept his sperm if he would only donate it. The actor is reluctant though. We wonder why…?

It’s not really surprising that Bollywood’s bold and sexy hunk John Abraham has been getting a huge number of offers from various sperm banks all over the world asking him to donate his precious sperm to them. But we aren’t really surprised by this piece of information. Who wouldn’t want to have a child that grows up into a sexy, beefed-up macho man that John is? As long as it does not have the intellect, of course!

But it looks like the Vicky Donor producer is in no way excited about the idea of having multiple Johns walking around the streets of any country. “The rate at which I was asked to donate sperm…I will be the father of the nation!” said the actor at a recent press conference. Okay John, we know that you are one of the hottest thing to have happened to B-town but, come on, could we have some modesty, at least?

The thing is that John is not particularly thrilled about the idea of designer babies and he doesn’t think it’s flattering when to-be parents demand to have a child who looks like him. Mr Abraham is now pretty clear that his genes will be reserved for himself and his own family. “If I have to donate sperm then I would like to donate it to my future wife,” he said flatly. And who is this lucky babe? Is it a certain Ms Priya Marwah?

Damn….we had already started dreaming about several John Abraham look-alikes sprouting from nowhere in the coming years. Another sexy dream bites the Bollywood dust!