Jim Belushi partners Savient Pharmaceuticals and Creakyjoints for Gout awareness campaign


PharmaceuticalsJim Belushi, actor and comedian lately known from TV series According to Jim and The Defenders, has partnered with Savient Pharmaceuticals and Creakyjoints to raise awareness about Gout. Together they have put together a video meant to encourage discussion about the condition. The video was released on Gout Awareness Day on May 22 and brings the viewer discussions about gout from physicians as well as those suffering from it.

Belushi has been suffering from the condition for over 15 years, but he is not the only one. According to estimates, right now up to 2% of the Western population is suffering from the condition and the number has grown mainly during the last decades. Historically it was known as the disease of the kings, but these days it can affect anyone. The increase in those affected by gout is believed to stem from out longer life expectancy, changes in diet as well as metabolic syndrome.

“Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis, affecting roughly eight million people in the U.S.,” said Dr. Jonathan Krant, a rheumatologist and the Medical Director of CreakyJoints.

The newly formed partnership hopes to help start the conversation about gout and help people learn about the often misunderstood condition.

Learn more about gout at http://www.creakyjoints.org/.

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