Is Salman Khan in love again???


Salman and Hazel have been shooting together for Siddique Lal’s Bodyguard. Their chemistry on screen as well as off screen is simply terrific. In their free time they are bonding so well that people are beginning to wonder if there is more to it.
Salman Khan has surprised us once again. The actor has recently found a female companion who he loves spending time with.

Rumour has it that Sallu and British model Hazel are getting close to each other rather well. She took him out for a bike ride in Pune about two weeks ago, post which they spent a lot of quality time together.

The weather in that city is such that you can’t blame the two, but they have sure become the talk of town in Mumbai.
Before and after their shooting schedules, Salman and Hazel would spend a lot of free time with one another.

This comes as a surprise because Salman, whose reputation of having had an impressive line-up of girlfriends precedes him, reportedly wanted to concentrate only on his career post the success of Dabangg.

Looks like Hazel is a cute exception to the rule. Says a source, “Most new girls in the industry get quite intimidated by Salman, but Hazel has not shown any such signs. Salman and she hit it off like a house on fire