Introduction to Cat insurance


Introduction to Cat insurance

Most people have heard that cats have nine lives so why do you need cat insurance? Whilst they may be one of the more robust pets around, this doesn´t stop them from getting up to all sorts of mischief. Kittens especially are extremely curious and have the ability to climb up to awkward spots and get themselves into very small spaces, causing all sorts of problems. Felines of any age are notorious for their risky behaviour on the road – a big cause for concern for any cat owner. Understanding the nature of your adventurous feline friend, and arranging cat insurance early can give you peace of mind.

Cat insurance statistics

More than three-quarters (77%) of vets believe owners underestimate the cost of treatment for their cat. So it´s not surprising 96% of them recommend cat insurance to their clients. (Petplan Census 2007)

Petplan is an insurance provider that fully understands the UK cat insurance market. Petplan´s cat insurance policies are built to give you what you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

Cat insurance has traditionally been less popular than dog insurance. However, as a cost of veterinary treatment continues to rise, cat lovers have been hit with rising vet bills over the last few years. To avoid these bills take out a “Covered for Life” cat insurance policy; we´ve helped thousands of cat owners to cover the cost of veterinary treatment. We hope you never have to claim on your cat insurance but sometimes the adventurous nature of your cat means you must. So it´s better to be safe now than suffer any undue expense, or worse, heartache later on.

Top 5 most common cat insurance claims

Without cat insurance, the cost of treating common conditions can rack up. Here are the top five most-often claimed on cat insurance:

  • Accidents and injuries (road traffic accidents or fractures)
  • Gastrointestinal/digestive system disorders (vomiting and diarrhoea)
  • Heart disorders (heart murmur of heart failure)
  • Hormone disorders (diabetes or an overactive thyroid)
  • Leg/hip/shoulder disorders (arthritis or hip dislocation)

Diagnostic procedures covered by cat insurance

Cats cannot tell us what is wrong with them or where it hurts, so vets use different methods for finding where the problem is before diagnosing the illness or injury. These procedures can be very expensive and protecting yourself against the potential costs is one of the main reasons why the majority of customers take out cat insurance; to cover unforeseen vet fees. According to the Petplan census carried out last year, 95% of our cat insurance claims are for vet´s fees, which are incurred as a result of treatment for illness and injury.

So why do cats get ill?

In the wild cats are solitary, carnivorous predators, our pet cats often live very different lifestyles. They live on unnatural foods, they are frequently indoors without the need to hunt for their food. While our pets may enjoy the benefits of our clean warm homes every bit as much as we do, that environment may still contribute towards ill health. The use of cleaning products and central heating are amongst the main differences from their natural habitat which cause problems.

It is easy to see the difference between the two environments and this is why domestic cats have an increased likelihood of obesity, tooth decay, urinary problems and of course the ultimate pet peeve, fur balls! Insurance can help with the cost of treating these conditions.

Cat Insurance for Outdoor cats

Many cat owners allow their feline companions to venture outdoors, which is a wonderful benefit for your cat, allowing them to experience aspects of their natural environment and most of all freedom. If you worry about what your cat gets up to when they´re out and about, perhaps even peeking through the blinds or twitching at the curtains to spy on your cat´s antics, taking out cat insurance can give you that little peace of mind and reassurance.

Indoor cats need cat insurance

You may believe that because your cat stays mainly indoors that you will be protected from these unexpected vets bills and not need cat insurance, but it is important to bear in mind that other illnesses can be present due to the environment the animal lives in. For example, central heating can cause skin conditions, gastro problems can occur due to lack of fibre and too many additives in processed foods and a lack of visual and physical stimulation can potentially cause behaviour illnesses. Taking out cat insurance can help you cover unexpected vet bills should your cat develop an illness or a behavioural problem.

Covered for Life Cat Insurance

Everyone wants to keep their ‘best friend’ happy and healthy well into their old age, “Covered for Life” cat insurance policies mean you can help to ensure just that. As long as you renew your policy each year without a break in cover, your cat will be covered against many eventualities. The Petplan census was startled to find that only 3% of owners have made ample provision for treatment and 97% of vets have had clients who chose euthanasia due to lack of funds. Don´t get caught out, take out cat insurance today.