Indian Jewelry Designs 2011


Indian Bridal Jewelry, We bring some pretty, nice and delicate bridal jewelry collection for you. There was a time, when girls wear nothing at their Mehndi or mayon function. But now a day this trend become out of function. In the market, many kinds of artificial jewelry is available. Girls wear sets of kundan and flowers on Mehndi. Similarly, at wedding day mostly girls wear heavy Bridal Jewelry Sets with “Mang Tekka” and “Jhomar”.

Look at the bride of wedding day and her jewelry. Now in bridal fashion week all the bridal of wedding day wear heavy Indian Bridal Jewelry which became fashion now a day. You can buy it from artificial ornaments shops also. Like this, on Reception day girls wear a light jewelry Bridal Wedding Sets as you see in this bride. So, now you would find no problem regarding the selection of your bridal days jewelry.