Imran Khan and Avantika’s unusual Valentine’s day gift


Imran Khan and Avantikas unusual Valentines day giftWhile B-town couples love to shower each other with  lavish gifts, this couple has found quite an unusual way of expressing their love

Not happy with the gifts you receive? Then, follow Avantika and Imran Khan’s gifting strategy. We’ve heard a lot about how B-town couples give each other various romantic and expensive things like diamonds, cars and homes, but this young duo loves to keep it simple. They don’t seem to believe in gifting each other. They’d rather pick a gift for themselves! Keeping with the tradition, Imran recently bought himself a Ferrari and said, “It’s a gift to myself.” But what about a wifey Avantika?

“She’s already gifted herself a lot of jewellery. I’m clueless about her shopping sprees till I start getting credit card updates on SMS,” he says. And her Valentine’s day gift? “She’ll probably get what she wants,” he retorts. Now that’s what we call ‘a happy couple’!