HTML – Color Codes


The 16 Basic Colors:


HTML Coloring System – RGB Values

We do not recommend that you use RGB for safe web design because non-IE browsers do not support HTML RGB. However, if you plan on learning CSS then you should glance over this topic.

RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue. Each can have a value from 0 (none of that color) to 255 (fully that color). The format for RGB is – rgb(RED, GREEN, BLUE), just like the name implies. Below is an example of RGB in use, but if you are not using a browser that supports it, do not worry, that is just one of the problems with HTML RGB.

Red, Green, and Blue Values:


HTML Coloring System – Hexadecimal

The hexadecimal system is complex and difficult to understand at first. Rest assured that the system becomes much, MUCH easier with practice and as a blossoming web developer, it is critical to understand hexadecimals to be capable of using them in your own web publications. They are far more reliable and widely compatible among web browsers and are the standard for colors on the internet.

A hexadecimal is a 6 digit representation of a color. The first two digits(RR) represent a red value, the next two are a green value(GG), and the last are the blue value(BB).

Here’s a hexadecimal you might see in an HTML document.

My First Hexadecimal:


HTML Color Code – Breaking the Code

The following table shows how letters are incorporated into the hexadecimal essentially extending the numbers system to 16 values. Hang in there it all makes sense shortly.

Hexadecimal Color Values:


So use letters as numbers?We will answer this question as we dive into the converting hexadecimals to regular numbers. Let’s have a look at real Hexadecimal.

A Real Hexadecimal:


The letter “F” is the maximum amount we can send each color and as you may deduce, this color (#FFFFFF) represents the color white. A formula exists to calculate the numeric equivalent of a hexadecimal.

Hexadecimal Formula:

(15 * 16) + (15) = 255

The formula is real simple. Take the first value (F) or 15 multiply it by 16 and add it to the second value, 15. The value 255 is the maximum allowed for any primary color.

Let’s try another one.

Example 2:


CC(RR - Red)
(12 * 16) + (12) = 204
70(GG - Green)
(7 * 16) + (0) = 112
05(BB - Blue)
(0 * 16) + (5) = 5

Hexadecimals are the best choice for compatible web development because of their consistency between browsers. Even the most minor of change in color can throw your entire site out of whack, so be sure to check your site in a number of browsers. If you want to be absolutely sure your colors will not change, use paired hex values for color. Examples: “#0011EE”, “#44HHFF”, or “#117788”. These are called True Colors, since they will stay true in hue from browser to browser.

HTML - Color Codes