Hrithik Roshan Breaks Tradition By Not Working On His Birthday 2013


Hrithik Roshan Breaks Tradition By Not Working On His BirthdayMUMBAI: Yesterday, we brought to you pictures of Hrithik Roshan’s lavish yacht party, which saw a bevy of his Bollywood friends in attendance. And today, we bring what transpired before the blowout birthday bash, at the Roshan residence Palazzo.

The birthday boy, Hrithik Roshan had a quiet celebration at his home with close family and friends in attendance. Hrithik donned a sky blue shirt and a cap, and was all smiles as he cut his exquisite chocolate birthday cake. He even took the opportunity to interact with the media, and sign a few autographs for his fans. Hrithik also revealed that there was a havan at home in the morning.

Hrithik had a very different birthday this year. Breaking tradition, Hrithik chose to spend his birthday not working on his films, something he hasn’t done in a very long time. Said the handsome ‘Yaadein’ superstar, “The shooting for ‘Krissh 3’ has wrapped up and work on ‘Bang Bang’ doesn’t start until February-end. So, I won’t be shooting today.”

The actor also had an amazing New Year ’s Eve celebration with his family in Bangkok. “We had a lovely time, though being the ‘general manager’ of the trip also makes you tired. I feel I could do with another vacation,” Hrithik reveals.

Hrithik’s had one hell of an incredible year in 2012. His ‘Agneepath’ managed to smash all box office records, and he was also voted the Sexiest Asian Man in the World. “I have put on a couple of kilos over the past few days, so that Sexiest Asian title looks like a thing of the past. It feels like a lie,” says Hrithik.

However, he quickly gets serious, “I need to get back to my work-outs soon. As for being the sexiest, I don’t know… it’s kind of embarrassing. I mean, it’s a beautiful compliment, and I thank them for it, but being sexy is not a big deal, especially when you know the amount of hard work that goes into acquiring that kind of body. After going through that grind, the compliment is at best motivating, but it’s not like a chip on your shoulder.”

And what was Hrithik’s reaction to Hollywood superstar Kristen Stewart wanting her baby’s eyes to look like his. “That was really sweet of her. It was a sweet compliment and it almost felt like a big warm hug,” smiles the sexy, albeit humble superstar.