Horse Insurance


while the majority of people in the UK would have no idea of the horse population in this country, it is actually somewhere in the region of 975,000. Due to the greater value of horses when compared to dog, cats, etc as well as their increased vet fees, the equine insurance UK market is very competitive. There will be very few horse owners who do not have some form of horse medical cover as a way of protecting them against what have been historically high horses treatment costs.

Horses are very often referred to as the elite of the animal world as a thoroughbred is one of the most finely tuned animals in the world, although this can leave them susceptible to injury and strains. There are many factors to consider with regards to equine insuranc.

Cheap Horse Insurance

As you might expect, the cheapest equine insurance policies will give you the most basic of protection for your horse, with a limit on both the length and cost of treatment. Any long term illness can mean the owner footing the bill and not being able to take out new horse insurance to cover existing ailments. When you consider the cost of the animals and the potential cost of treatment many horse owners tend to look towards a higher value, higher cover horse insurance policy.

Medium Price Horse Insurance

While this is a step up from the cheap horse insurance, aside from the increased maximum time frame and maximum funding per treatment, there is very little difference. Again, long term illness would be uncovered after the initial timescale has been exceeded and it would be near impossible to obtain insurance for that treatment elsewhere.

Lifetime Equine Insurance

When you consider the cost of buying and owning a horse, whether for pleasure or commercial use, many people feel safer with lifetime horse health insurance. This takes away much of the pressure with regard to vet fees and while there is a maximum funding amount per year, this will begin again when the policy is renewed, even for existing ailments. Lifetime also mean the full term with no small print excluding horses after a certain age.

Equine Vet Costs

Equine insurance is something which no horse owner should be without when you bear in mind the massive increase in costs compared to dogs, cats, etc. Horse cover is in a different league and while horses cost a substantial amount to house and feed, their regular vet costs can be substantial to say the least. As with any pet insurance cover it is essential that you compare horse insurance quotes to identify which ones offer what you need. Online horse insurance quotes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week with most prominent horse insurers.

Lost Horse / Horse Theft

Horse theft and the number of lost horses are very substantial and while many are returned unharmed and fairly quickly it can be hard work find and retrieving them. Many of the better equine insurance policies will offer assistance towards the cost of advertising for the return of a lost horse as well as a reward for their safe return. Again, it is essential that you check out what horse cover you have with your policy and ensure that it covers your requirement.

Equine Quarantine Costs

While the overall cost of horse quarantine can be large, it does depend on whether the horse travels overseas or may come into contact with a condition which requires the animal to be isolated. However, due to their obvious size, horse quarantine fees can be substantial to say the least with many people not in a position to cover them at short notice. This is where the best equine ins policies will come into play and offer much needed assistance.

Horse Treatment Costs

Equine insurance UK is a substantial market which has shown signs of further growth over the last few years. The obvious increase in costs and horse insurance premiums has attracted many of the larger issuance companies to what is a lucrative but ever competitive sector. There is an obvious need for specialist accommodation and veterinary equipment when dealing with horses, something which is reflected in both the maximum payouts and horse health plan premiums.

Horse Accident Cover

As we touched on above, even the most timid of horses are finely tuned animals which are susceptible to strains as well as serious injury. Even the cost of a small strain can prove to be expensive when taking into account vet call out, transport, medicine and time, something which has attracted many to the ever competitive horse insurance UK market. While the increased cost of care is reflected in the premium levels, this is a market where a comparison of horse insurance cover on offer can yield rewards.

Lost Equine Passport

Even though the horse population is one of the smaller pet populations in the UK, the Equine passport market is one of the largest in the country. As more and more animals travel overseas it is essential to keep a check of their movements and ensure that the correct procedures are adhered to. Equine passports can be very expensive to replace although many equine insurance policies will have provisions to ensure that replacements are sought as quickly as possible, with the costs covered by the horse insurance companies.