Hobbies for a Rainy Day


Hobbies for a Rainy Day

We’ve all been there, busy, busy, busy all week with no time for ourselves and then suddenly there appears a day when actually you have nothing to do. The practice of having a hobby seems to have died a little, especially in the 25 to 40 year old bracket with longer working hours, commutes and childcare taking the blame for a lack of personal time. I realised how badly we have been affected when choosing a gift card for a friend; what does she actually like doing? Am I buying a card with a garden, cat, wine bottle or basket of sewing on the front? This drop off in taking up a hobby is to our detriment; hobbies are a fantastic and positive way to keep our grey matter ticking over and keep our hands active. For some, a hobby is an emotional outlet, for others a way of gaining knowledge or even a way to reach out and socialise.

If you have no idea of where to start, take a look at some simple ideas that could inspire you to find the perfect hobby.

Go back to your childhood. Think back to your youth, was there something you really enjoyed doing? Something you had wanted or started to pursue, but never followed through? I often see parents encouraging their children to participate in activities, clubs or hobbies that they themselves wished they had done as a child. It’s not too late to start yourself; have a horseriding lesson, start a karate class, whatever it is that inspires you.

Join an online community. For those who desire a more sociable outlet but find it hard to meet new people face to face, joining an online community may be an easier way to practice your social skills. For those who enjoy playing games, these factors can be combined with online gaming. There are many very good casino websites which combine the fun of game playing with an active online community where you can use webchat to get to know the other players.

A hobby that could earn you money. If finances are an issue, a hobby could be a wonderful way to combine positive creative time with raising funds. Crafting type hobbies are great for this, sewing, quilt making, card making; homemade items are in great demand and with online selling forums widely accessible, it is easy to find a way to get a customer base. Many people have turned an interest in health, beauty or holistic treatment into a career by setting up their own salon or in-home treatment room.

How much time do you have? You have to be realistic; a hobby should not become another thing in your life that causes you pressure or stress, quite the opposite. By trying to commit to something that you cannot realistically find time to do, you will become frustrated and despondent. Some hobbies, such as knitting or writing can be picked up and worked on and put away again when you only have a little time to spare. Hobbies such as painting, cycling or fishing will require you to commit more time to them to get an outcome.

This article was written by Sarah Webb, a writer with a passion for films, online games and spending time with her friends.