Can Himesh Reshammiya make it in Hollywood


Can Himesh Reshammiya make it in Hollywood-1Composer-singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya has taken a huge risk by releasing his film Damadamm along with Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One. The latest we heard about Himesh is that he is also looking forward to break acting and musical ground internationally with his English film A* Is Killed and the new album Da Edge. After acting in duds like Karzzzz, Radio and Kajraare, Himesh is trying to chalk out a new strategy for his career. “I’m really looking forward to my English film where I’m playing the role of Siddharth Patel,” said the 38-year-old. The film, directed by Chrisophe Lenoir, is set for a December release and features Himesh as a musician. His other international project, the music album Da Edge, will release this month in 122 countries, under his own banner HR music, in collaboration with Universal music. “My album has 15 songs and the first single is ‘I have been waiting for you so long’. It has been remixed by Edward Maya, the famous trance DJ. Roman White, who directs videos for Justin Bieber, is the video director,” he said. Fully confident about Damadamm finding its audience this Diwali, he said, “It’s a Diwali release and though it is releasing with huge competition like RA.One, I’m very confident that it will make a mark. I’m confident about it as a product and as a storyline because I know that the central character Sameer, played by me, will instantly connect with the audience. It’s a very real character and it’s a fun-loving, romantic film.” While we wish Himesh all the luck, it seems he is spreading himself too thin. What do you think?