After Heroine Kareena Kapoor wants a cheerful role

After Heroine Kareena Kapoor wants a cheerful roleIntense characters are really hard to portray onscreen. One needs to put a lot of heart and soul into them. Hence, more often than one, we hear actresses thinking of doing a light hearted role right after they have done an intense one. First, it was Bipasha Basu who wanted something cheerful for her next movie post playing a vamp in Raaz 3 and now Kareena Kapoor too wants to do a happy role.
Kareena, who recently turned 32, is taking a small break from work before she begins her work on Karan Johar’s Punit Malhotra directed movie with Imran Khan. It is an entertaining movie which will be filled with frolic and love. Kareena said that she wants to do a fun film after Heroine. The new generation of filmmakers is increasingly coming out with such light hearted entertainers and after Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, she wants to work with Imran again.  Also, Karan is like her family member and Puneet loves the regular song and dance kind of movies which are really interesting.
According to a source, in past few months, Kareena Kapoor has done mostly serious characters like in Agent Vinod, Talaash and then Heroine. Hence, Punit and Karan have assured her she is in for a joyride with their movie. Well, Kareena has always maintained she is a sucker for regular Bollywood masala movies. No wonder she is so happy to be back in this mould once again. We just hope this time it is more interesting than Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu.