Health Insurance with the Help of an Agent


Indeed, the technology has made a big impact to the insurance industry by making it easier for the customers to determine which policy to get through comparison websites. No doubt, a lot of people employ this kind of approach rather than visiting different insurance companies or acquiring the help of agents. But if you ask me, I would go for the latter process. You are not probably aware of this but there are several advantages you can get from utilizing the expertise of an agent. To learn more about this, continue the list I prepared below:

Customer Service – Unlike websites that provide the basic FAQs regarding health insurance, agents can give you full customer service. They can explain to you about the different policies point by point. Some agents might even offer you future services regarding billing and disputing claims, but that depends on the agency and the relationship you have with your agent.

Time Savings – Since agents guarantee that they can work with you personally and assess your personal needs, this process become more time saving. Other than having the right to choose when and where you’ll meet, learning about the details of each policy can help you decide faster.

Underwriting expertise – Underwriting procedure differs in every state. That being said, it is very important for you to have an agent who is very familiar with the underwriting department. Agents can save you from the tedious work of filling out multiple applications that will inevitably be declined by the carrier.

Now, don’t you agree that you can gain more benefits from a real person than a computer regarding this aspect?