Harry Potter E-books coming soon


For years now, J.K Rowling, the magnificent author of the Harry Potter saga has been depriving hundreds and thousands of loyal readers from having access to an electronic version of the series online.

The author’s agent says that she has had fears over piracy which is why she had initially delayed launching the books on to the digital market.

Now, Rowling is seriously considering uploading the series online for iPad and Kindle readers alike.

Blair, Rowling’s agent said in a statement that they are actively looking into releasing them as e-books.

Rowling has sold almost 500 million printed copies of the series all over the world, but many fans would prefer having them as e-books to avoid carrying the heavy long-paged books.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but this move, if to happen would make a lot of readers happy and make Rowling even more money from the digital market.

Furthermore, the final part of the seventh movie is coming to cinemas soon, in the coming summer and is expected to blow everybody’s mind, as a finale rightfully should.