Harisa Spiced Chicken with wheat Recipe


Harisa Spiced Chicken with wheat Recipe









For serving harisa, warm a frying pan in 1 tablespoon butter (for each dish) and add on the food. Sprinkle with red pepper.

Harisa (Chicken with wheat) Ingredients (4 people):
1 chicken
a pound of wheat
3 medium onions
salt – pepper
butter MINERVA
red pepper
We have the wheat in water soaking from the previous evening and the boil the next morning.
Boil the whole chicken. Once cooked, the bone and cut into small pieces.
Boil the wheat throwing salt and pepper. When cooked enough and has begun to melt, add the grated onions.
Add the chicken pieces in the same saucepan with the wheat. Mix very well and for some time. When drunk the water, add water and boil in the chicken and continue stirring to prevent sticking to the wheat.
When ready to Remove from the heat.