Happy birthday Madhuri Dixit


Happy birthday Madhuri DixitHappy Birthday to the “Dhak Dhak” Girl of Bollywood!

She came and she conquered everything. Her magic has never been scientifically explained, but has always been there…..

Lets wish her The Most Beautiful Birthday Ever from “Pinkvilla”

What other stars shared about Madhuri Dixit –

“It is something you cannot help. You find yourself stupidly smiling every time Madhuri smiles. And that´s the kind of impact she has.” – Karan Johar
“Post Madhuri Dixit, I don’t think there’s been any queen bee. The crown lies, without the queen.” – Karan Johar

“For me Madhuri is the strongest man I´ve ever met. She´s very very strong-willed, she´s a fantastic actor, very very professional and when I worked with her first time I learned that there is greatness in giving.” – Shahrukh Khan

“I like the way she dances. She has learnt Kathak, that´s what I hear. But basically with learning a little bit of Kathak or any form of classical dance it helps a lot in a film dancing. And we can see that in how beautifully she dances.” – Hema Malini

“Be it the character of the femme fatale or a prostitute, only Madhuri can combine that wistful tragic look. Hers is a blend of a flawless face and fine acting.” – Sanjay Leela Bhansali

“I don’t think I’ll ever find another Madhuri. She’s in her own league. Nowadays, actresses make a face at rehearsal, but Madhuri would go that extra mile.” – Saroj Khan

“People are only praising Karisma because it was Madhuri she was standing up to. It was like if anyone gave a good shot in front of Dilip Kumar people used to clap “Wow! What a performance!” – Jackie Shroff

“I fell in love with her when I was six and I watched her do the Ek Do Teen number in Tezaab . I’ve grown up watching her films. And every time I see her on screen, my heart starts beating dangerously fast!” – Ranbir Kapoor

“I like Madhuri Dixit the most. Her style, her facial expression… bahut kamal ki actress hai, kamal ki actress hai.” – Akshaye Khanna

“I was fortunate enough to come close to her through all my films. I wooed her and married her. I fell in love with her and she reciprocated…on celluloid at least. I think we made the best screen-pair.” – Anil Kapoor
“Madhuri – you´re not a good actress. Youŕ e not a good dancer and you´re definitely not a good human being. Because I feel that you are a fantastic actress. And outstanding dancer. And a fabulous human being. And that is from the bottom of my heart.” – Anil Kapoor

“Madhuri is par excellence.” – Sridevi

“When I think about Madhuri the first thing which comes to my mind is her gorgeous smile. I think she´s got the most beautiful smile in the world. She´s just one amazing actress and I compare her absolutely with my mum Nargisji, Madhubala…. She´s on that league you know.” – Sanjay Dutt

“When you are on the sets working with Madhuri Dixit, you tend to forget that she is ‘The Madhuri Dixit’ because she is so normal. Honestly speaking, she is unassuming, very friendly, very considerate. There was a time when my knees were hurting and she came forward like any other friend and offered her help” – Konkona Sen Sharma

“She´s that kind of person who can carry off the whole dance sequence with only expressing. She needs not dance, she should just snad she should just express herself and voila!” – Vaibhavi Merchant

“Madhuri Dixit is the only one who inspires me the way I am on screen.” – Rani Mukherjee

“I find Madhuri extremely sensuous, probably the best sensuality Bollywood has seen. She has an astonishing body language and can carry off the most ‘risque’ steps with that dash of adaa.” – Saif Ali Khan

“Madhuri is a wonderful co-star. I’ve really enjoyed working with her and if and when the opportunity comes up again, I’d love to repeat that.” – Aamir Khan

“There are actresses and there are actresses. And then there is Madhuri Dixit.” – Vikram Phadnis

“I still remember the day when this young girl walked into my office for work and I told her to leave her photographs. Despite the disappointment the smile never faded from her face, this was Madhuri Dixit. ” – Yash Chopra

“When it comes to comparison, I always compare every actress with Madhuri and as a result every actress disappoints.” – Salman Khan

“You don’t make anyone like Madhuri anymore. She is beautiful, superbly talented, and the most stunning dancer we have seen. Only if my name was Nene!” – Nana Patekar

“There are only three stars in Bollywood: Madhuri, Madhuri and Madhuri.” – Sajjid Khan

“Who am I? I am nothing. Madhuri Dixit is beautiful, not me.” – Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe 1994)

“I’m in love with Madhuri . However i can’t be her leading man in a movie. It has more to do with screen age. I can play even her servant.” – Shreyas Talpade

“Being nominated is a not a great achievement but being nominated with a persona like Madhuri Dixit is a real achievement for me!” – Vydia Balan

“I would like to say finally that how much the actor Kajol tries to critic her (Madhuri’s) beauty and talent, the viewer Kajol is obsessed with Madhuri mania.” – Kajol

“The only Indian heroine I like, really like, is Madhuri Dixit. And I think she´s gorgeous.”- John Abraham

“Madhuri Dixit is a wonderful dancer, wonderfuly beautiful and a wonderful actress.” – Waheeda Rehman

“On Indian face an Indian mystique, but with extraordinary depth. She had the depth that none of us could explore…. She was inexhaustible.” – Mahesh Bhatt

“Madhuri Dixit´s aquiline nose and lips…everything about her is stunning!” – Priyanka Chopra

“I think we all are great fans of her acting and dancing. Even before I joined the industry I was a fan of hers and then for me to get a chance to work with her…it was a privilege. She´s a goddess at it.” – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“I find Madhuri Dixit a complete package. She is talented and very good looking. She is blessed with everything. ” – Katrina Kaif

“It has been a great pleasure in having Madhuriji on the USA leg of the (Unforgettable) tour. She has been an icon in the Indian film industry and we´re very happy that she could be with us on this tour.” – Amitabh Bachchan

“The first thing that strikes one about Madhuri is the basic person. She has managed to retain her middle-class values, not allowed stardom to affect her. She is among the very few in the film industry I have connected with on a personal level. As an actress, Madhuri is yet to live upto her full potential. No filmmaker has done full justice to her talent.” – Rekha

“I have watched all her films. Her face can speak a million words. She danced well too. She had sex appeal but never used it in. Her smile was her charm. ” – Ashutosh Gowriker

“Madhuri Dixit is the true symbol of versatility.” – Frieda Pinto

“Madhuri Dixit is such a devoted actress and dancer that hardly anyone in India has come to her level.” – Mithun Chakraborty

“Well I have been a fan of Madhuri Dixit, she was fantastic. She is whose performance I really like.” – Shahid Kapoor

“No matter how hard I worked, Madhuri was always ahead of me.” – Juhi Chawla

“Madhuri Dixit and my dad! They had such amazing, sizzling chemistry! I loved them in ‘Tezaab’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Ram Lakhan’.” – Sonam Kapoor to the question who was the best Bollywood pair