Haj trip Aamir Khan looks after mom Zeenat Hussain


Haj trip Aamir Khan looks after mom Zeenat HussainAs Aamir Khan takes a trip to Hajj along with mom Zeenat Hussain, he’s making sure he plays the dutiful son by taking care of her at every given point

Aamir Khan is doing all it takes to make his mom’s Hajj pilgrimage a memorable and a comfortable one. And the evidence is in the recent picture in which Aamir is spotted pushing Mom’s wheelchair. We hear Khan will be busy spending quality time with his mother Zeenat and helping her making the most of this holy outing till the first week of November. Aamir had initially decided that he would devote the whole month to the promotions of his upcoming film Talaash in which he will be seen acting opposite Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor. But Aamir couldn’t refuse when Mrs Hussain asked him to take her to Mecca, the holiest city in the Islamic world.

By the time Khan returns from the trip, he will be left with very little time to promote Talaash, as the movie is slated to release on November 30. We can already imagine Mr Khan trying to cope with an extremely busy schedule… phew!