A Guide to Buying Comfortable and Casual High Heels


Comfortable High Heels

Quintessentially elegant, high heels are irresistible when it comes to looking stylish. They are popular with every woman because the shoes can make their legs look longer and body slimmer. The only drawback here is that high heels can be uncomfortable to walk in, especially for long periods. In fact, some women are even scared of trying on high heels because they think their feet will hurt after just a couple of steps.On the bright side, there are some methods you can use to make sure you get comfortable casual high heel shoes.

Buying comfortable heels

Choose the right height of the heel


The longer the heel, the more uncomfortable it is to walk in them. Extremely high heels are not designed for everyday wear, so they should only be used for special occasions. The ideal heel height for casual use is 10cm, which will make you look great while at the same time allowing you to walk comfortably.

Opt for thick heels

thick-heelsThicker heels provide more support for super-thin stilettos that make you walk unsteadily. If you are going to be walking a whole lot, you should wear thick heels. Another great option is to wear thick wedges, which can help you walk steadily because of its solid base. Built-in platforms are also good for those who want height as well as comfort.

Make sure the heels are properly cushioned


Another important factor to consider when buying heels is its cushioning. When you wear heels, all of your weight is shifted onto the balls of your feet, which can cause you pain and discomfort. The only thing that can prevent this is proper cushioning, so make sure your shoes are perfectly cushioned. Don’t worry if you have already bought a pair and they are not properly cushioned! You can use a shoe insert to do it yourself.

Choosing the type of comfortable heels

High heels are available in a variety of styles and not all of them are made equal. If comfort is important to you, you need to make sure you only choose those types that are comfortable by nature so that you can walk steadily without any discomfort.


Wedges-for women

The heels of a wedge shoe runs across the entire sole, which are often decorated with different styles and designs. Wedges can sometimes be mistaken for platform shoes, though there are some differences between the two.Sandals are the most popular types of wedges, but there are ankle-length and wedged boots too. Wedges are the ideal choice for a casual day out and look perfect with skinny jeans, long dresses, skirts and flared pants.



Platform shoes feature a sole that is elevated from the toe to the heel, providing you height as well as stability. Platform shoes first became popular in the 1970s and are still pretty famous. The best thing about platform shoes is that you can wear them with almost anything, from formal outfits to casual wear. They can work with pencil skirts, short and mid-length dresses, skinny jeans, shorts, almost everything.