Govinda to come back with Pahlaj Nihalani’s Avatar


Govinda to come back with Pahlaj Nihalanis AvatarThe ‘No. 1’ actor, who has been out of the big leagues for a long time, will be seen in a new avatar in the producer-mentor’s directorial debut

As young actors like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan take over the reins in Bollywood, the older generation is slowly fading into nonentity-hood. Govinda, who was very popular in the 90s, has found that over the years his loud clothes and slapstick humour don’t find many takers. Each time he teamed up with David Dhawan, the film would be a superhit; unfortunately, Dhawan’s last film, the inane Rascals, bombed at the BO.

While many in B-town speculated that the ‘No. 1’ jodi would team up again to produce a superhit film, that didn’t happen. Dhawan has got busy with his remake of Chashme Buddoor and we heard that the Partner sequel isn’t happening in the near future. Even though Govinda is a fabulous dancer, he has aged and gained more weight than suits current audience tastes; he also has the bad reputation of throwing his considerable weight around on shoots and stories of his eccentricities abound.

News is that Pahlaj Nihalani, producer of Govinda’s first big hit (Ilzaam) has come to his rescue with a new project called Avatar. Getting nostalgic in an interview the former superstar said, “When I started my work, there was the same kind of atmosphere. We enjoy working together. It’s been so many years, but things haven’t changed for us.” Though Nihalani has been around producing films for a long time, Avatar will be his first outing as a director. We heard that he has made his lead actor lose weight and go through the entire drill of looking good for a film. Wethinks it would be good to see Govinda back in action and hope that Avatar will be like his more recent films like Loot, Naughty @ 40, etc.