Gorgeous Glitz Tresors Jewelry In Lahore


Recently, a new jewelry brand named Glitz Tresors Jewelry organized his launching ceremony in Lahore. The jewelry line is started by Jewelry designers Sabeen Fawad and Zarghuna Ahmad. The event was full of glamour, which was attended by the various celebrities. Many fashion models such as Alyzeg Gabol, Amna Babar Hanna Butt and Sadia Faisal wee present in the event. Fashion models featured and displayed the trendy glamorous Glitz Tresors Jewelry in the launching event of brand. The Many of the designs highlighted Pakistan’s tradition. There were also showcased the contemporary jewelry pieces of gold and exceptional modern jewelry designs.Gorgeous Glitz Tresors Jewelry In Lahore.

Famous actress and model Sofia Mirza, Hassan shehryar yasin (HSY) and Aamir Mazhar were the celebrity guests at the launching event.Gorgeous Glitz Tresors Jewelry In Lahore.