Fried Potato (cheese) Stuffed Bread Balls Recipe


Fried Potato (cheese) Stuffed Bread Balls Recipe

Fried Potato (cheese) Stuffed Bread Balls Recipe Bread Potato Rolls recipe a delicious finger licking snack ! My childhood memories are revived with these tasty rolls. These are bread ball / rolls stuffed with mashed potatoes, spices, herbs and then deep fried. It’s crunchy from outside and soft from within. Remember how me and my sis used to relish them in our lunch boxes and during tea-time at home.

These taste good with green chutney, sweet chutney and sauce. A word of caution these are not meant for calorie conscious people. As it consist cheese and is deep fried. To make it low fat you could avoid cheese and shallow fry them. However I love the way my mother makes and it was my luck she made this while I clicked the pictures.

We have added green peas along with mashed potatoes. You could avoid peas add sweet boiled corn instead or skip it. The secret ingredient for this roll are roasted cumin powder and amchur powder which gives a great flavor and taste to these rolls.For variation you could add cottage cheese, sweet potatoes etc. Make the stuffing your way with your favorite veggies. I love the way the recipe is 🙂 you could adapt your way. I have made cheese potato balls and goan peas potato chops which were quite yum.

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Dip the bread into some water and remove immediately. Remove the excess water by squeezing gently with your palm. You would perfect this once you make them more times.. Just don’t allow the bread to absorb excess water as this would result in soggy bread. Also you won’t be able to cover the stuffing. In case you get a soggy bread not to worry use other bread instead

Take a deep frying pan add oil. Once oil is very hot deep fry the roll until golden brown from all side. Don’t fry with too many at a time. Fry only 2 to 3 at one time.