Freshwater Pearls: Beauty With a Modern Price Tag


Beauty with a modern price tag

The modern-day jewellery making industry is a colourful mixed bag with a variety of materials both  shiny and bold in equal measure.  Whether it’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets or a whole host of unique jewellery designs you can find some beautiful pieces.

In the world of pearl jewellery, many innovations have taken place allowing for different styles to fit beautiful designs, as well as to fit a range of price tags. Changes in the way these precious jewels are farmed mean that they are more readily available, and therefore less expensive than they used to be.

Freshwater pearls are a fine example of a trend which carries beauty with affordability, as these variety of pearls are far less expensive than other varieties such as saltwater pearls. Despite their more affordable price tag, these pearls carry the same shine and elegance as other varieties.

For years, saltwater pearls were the only popular option for manufacturers in the jewellery industry, with the expense of the pearls adding to their inherent luxury. This led to these ocean jewels becoming a popular choice for starlets such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

As the pearl market grew, and the focus of the industry shifted from expense to design, there was room for more affordable methods of discovering pearls. These discoveries became popular  alongside saltwater jewellery that had remained a favourite for so long.

The difference between freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls began before they were even discovered. Unlike the saltwater variety which are cultivated in oysters, freshwater pearls are created within mussels. Because of this, these molluscs are often farmed from rivers and lakes as opposed to larger bodies of water.

An overwhelming majority of freshwater pearls are farmed in China, with thousands of mussels being farmed from the Yangtze river each year in an attempt to utilise their potential, that is, to cultivate beautiful pearls within.

Whilst being more readily available than other varieties of pearls, freshwater pearls can also be cultivated faster, with several pearls often being found within the shells of mussels at one time. In comparison, saltwater molluscs usually only form one at a time thus increasing time and resources. It is this difference that allows for the efficiency and economical sustainability of freshwater pearl farming on a very large scale, cultivating beautiful jewels year upon year.

But don’t be fooled, just because frehwater pearls can be found faster doesn’t mean the process of cultivating the jewels requires any less expertise. Encouraging the growth of pearls within freshwater molluscs requires surgical precision, such as pearl farming experts implanting cells into the shells of molluscs before these beautiful jewels can begin to form.

Once the pearls form within their shell they can blossom into a variety of colours. These colours vary from from rich purples to pure whites allowing their expectant beauty to shine. One company that specialises in freshwater pearl jewellery is Mantolin Pearls, offering their customers beautiful freshwater pearl jewellery in a collection of unique designs, from pearl necklaces to amazing freshwater pearl bracelets.

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