Film on Deepika-Nihar love story gets a Hollywood twist


Film on Deepika-Nihar love story gets a Hollywood twistDirector Prashant Chadha’s ‘innovative’ way to avoid being sued by Deepika Padukone has us scratching our heads

Prashant Chadha has decided to earn some fame in Bollywood by using someone else’s name. Not only is he going ahead full steam with his film detailing the real life love story of Deepika Padukone and Nihar Pandya – with Nihar as the male lead – he has now decided to name his characters Nihar and Deepika as well. The director confirmed to a tabloid that he very much wishes to use the exes’ real names, but is afraid he’ll get sued by Deepika. If she has the guts to walk out of a Ramesh Taurani film and agree to walk back in only if her demands were met, then she won’t hesitate to sue Prashant over a film either, he seems to think.

However, Prashant has found a way out of this too. He has decided that it is less risky to copy a Hollywood film than it is to invite Deepika’s ire. So now he’s going to claim that his film has been ‘inspired’ from the H-town flick 500 Days of Summer. He’s deliberately scripting his screenplay along the lines of the English film. We are guessing that Prashant has been so busy doing this that he hasn’t paid attention to what’s going on around him. Why else would he prefer to take on Hollywood upshots rather than Deepika? Prashant should take a cue from what’s happening with Jodi Breakers. Ashwini Chaudhary, the director of the Bipasha Basu-R Madhavan-starrer recently revealed that even after reading the synopsis of his film, the makers of Heartbreaker are insisting that Jodi Breakers is a copy of their 2010 French film. They have even filed a case against him in the Bombay High Court and demanded a compensation of Rs. 50 crore.

Wethinks Prashant should learn from Ashwini’s troubles and take his chance with Deepika rather than the Hollywood biggies. It’s not likely that she will want to draw attention to her past by filing a case against Prashant, while the righteous Hollywood guys will have no such qualms. What do you say?