Fighting insurance fraud


PITTSFIELD, MA – At a time when premiums are going up, Berkshire County got some extra help to fight insurance fraud, hoping in turn to drive monthly fees down.

Up until now, the DA’s office hasn’t had the resources to take on cases of insurance fraud. So, just how widespread is the problem in Berkshire County? Well, that’s not entirely clear. But, what is clear is a check for $25,000 presented to District Attorney David Capeless to help fight these hard to detect crimes.

“They are hidden crimes and very difficult to detect. In fact, without the resources that are available to the bureau, very often they go undetected so it’s important that now we will be able to do something about that here within the county,” said Capeless.

The money came from the insurance fraud bureau of Massachusetts, which is funded by insurance companies. In addition to the grant, an investigator will be stationed at the Pittsfield Police Department.

“This definitely impacts all citizens who pay auto insurance, homeowners insurance, businesses who pay workers compensation insurance,” said Anthony Dipaolo, Insurance Fraud Bureau of MA.

“In fact, much of the insurance rates are set by using insurance fraud levels that occur within a county,” said capeless.