Fashion Earring Trends 2011


Whatever women’s reason for wearing earrings, earrings are here to stay.All-year earring trends 2011 take into consideration the different reasons for wearing earrings in their collection. Earring designs for 2011 have drama, bulkiness, and metallic. The earring trends 2011 will play with history by introducing a combination of vintage, retro, and antique. These combinations will express an expensive and classic appeal. With the emergence of online shops, jewelers are able to let the consumers look at their creations and interact to come up with consumer- friendly designs for the all-year earring trends 2011. Some jewelry makers opted to create earrings with the black theme in their materials and designs. The color predictions for 2011 are in the shades of grayish blue, very light violets, creams and pastels that are combined with brighter shades of violet, yellow, and red. Emphasis is for the earrings to get attention. After all, that is one of the purposes of wearing earrings, to get attention. What is the use of wearing earrings if people will not notice it? Look at the collections online and surely you can’t resist buying a pair for yourself.