Farheen Ali Semi Formal Dresses 2013 For Ladies


Pakistani designerFarheen Ali has recently updates her profile with latest and Trendy Semi Formal Dresses 2013 For Pakistani Ladies. While still a brand new name in Pakistan’s fashion industry, Farheen Ali’s styles 1st captivated her co-workers and friends for who she frequently designed garments for many years before taking the enormous leap to the thriving fashion scene in West Pakistan.

Albeit keeping pace with current designs, Farheen Ali aims to form a fashion statement of her own with each new, distinctive style she creates. Her hang for unaltered formal wear and jap urban stylish styles celebrate not simply the normal jap girls however the new category of authorized urban girls that has developed in tandem with development of metropolis into Pakistan’s primary fashion hub. Farheen Ali doesn’t solely cater to the native market however has managed to unfold her wings within the international market likewise.

The outfits are delivered via traveller to the international shoppers and payments are done through bank tranfers. the value of the outfits conjointly embrace shipping charges. This new collection for women contains stylish but simple cuts women embroidery salwar kameez, aline shirts, and long shirts Green Angharka Style, Green Chiffon with Kundan Button, Magenta with Printed Crushed Collar, Maroon Pintex with Block Print Collar & Sleeves and with decent colors.

With medium and full sleeve fashion some new kamdani works are found in some dresses. Model Nabia Muzaffar and Hareem Khan are features in this dresses photo shoot. Designer Farheen Ali winter collection for women is perfect for ladies that wish to be formal in especial parties. Most women will like this semi formal dresses catalog. Now have a look at Farheen Ali Trendy Semi Formal Dresses 2013 For Pakistani Ladies