FAQs about Agribusiness Insurance


If you are currently searching for a protection plan for your agribusiness, don’t settle for basic liability insurance. Go for agribusiness insurance as this plan is specially made to protect your type of venture. It provides security against the unique issues that companies within this trade experience on a daily basis. To know more about this insurance, read and understand the FAQs below:

1.    Do I qualify for this kind of coverage?

Anyone runs a company involving agribusiness should acquire this special policy. This includes anyone in the following areas:

• Growing and packing produce;

• Feed mill operators;

• Grain elevator operators;

• Vineyards, wineries, and breweries;

• Food processors and manufacturers;

• Wholesale nurseries;

• Meat and/or poultry processors;

• Dairy product manufacturers;

• Agricultural co-op owners;

• Beverage bottlers.

2.    What does agribusiness coverage do?

This special coverage protects you from the countless problems that agribusiness industry faces every day. Therefore, this coverage protects you from the unique issues that afflict your trade, such as:

• Food borne illness coverage

• Product recalls;

• Equipment breakdowns;

• Animal mortality;

• Weather.

3.    What is pollution coverage?

Other than the coverage listed above, some agribusiness insurance policies will include pollution coverage. This protects your goods against any kind of pollution risk, from animal waste to chemical spills.

We strongly recommend that you get this special coverage as it will surely secure your business the protection it needs in the event of an emergency.