Fall Makeup For Beauty


Fall Makeup For BeautyThe looks may seem slightly similar to the last few years, and that’s because they pretty much are. Here are some ways to update your look, the easy and painless way.

Looks for Fall 2012 pretty much centered around either the lips or the eyes, and in some cases, both eyes and lips. The cheeks, for the first time in a long time, got much less attention on the fall runways. The makeup trends also ventured away from the shiny and all super-natural,to the era-defined looks of the 40′s, 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Ahhhhh, and they say beauty and glamour is back again.

Let’s see if they’re right.

Eyes Defined

1. The new winged out 60′s eye
Seen in high demand on the Dior runway, the new winged out cat-eye look is back. If you were around in the 70′s, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Thank god it doesn’t look as silly as it did back then. Take your smokey brown, gray, or burgandy eyeshadow, and apply over the whole lid. Then with your clean eyeshadow brush, blend out towards the temples. Make sure you end at the end of your eyebrow. There you go. Just make sure the focus is on the lid, otherwise people on the streets will think someone hit you. No, seriously………

2. The new smoky glossy eye
If you’ve seen any interview Janet Jackson has done in the past 2 months, you’ll notice a hot new trend, thanks to makeup master, Kevyn Aucoin. Also in your face on the cover of Bazaar on Winona Ryder, the glossy, wet looking eye is HOT. How to do? Apply your shimmery copper rusty brown eyeshadow from last season over the eyelid and under the eyelashes. Then, in the bottom and top corner of each eye, near the tear duct, apply a dot of lip gloss, Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream (the best because it stays on FOREVER, as any top makeup artist will tell you,) or a dot of Vasaline. There you go, the shiny look without getting it smeared everywhere. Or you can go out and buy the new ‘Eye Glosses” from Stila and Calvin Klein. Looks absolutely gorgeous on. Just note, they’re major maintanance.

3. The colored eye
Fun, exciting, the hot party look. Check out the new Gucci ads. Bright green, blue, turquoise. Over the whole eyelid, with a sand shadow to intensify the crease. Looks best with the 1960′s inspired hairdos that are oh so hot right now and so much fun to do. Think Jackie O revisited.

4. Gold, gold, gold
Think gold lame back from the old days of Joan Collins and Dynasty. Can we say 80′s? Yep it’s back, but only if it’s a head to toe bold-gold outfit. Gold eyeshadow is hot again (is it EVER out come this time of year?) but this year, it’s different. How? It’s sheer, see through gold. Not glitter, more like gold shimmer. (Oh, just so you know, Glitter is SO out, it’s not even funny….) Think all over eyes from lash to eyebrows and around the eyelashes. Sammy Jo and Crystal would be so proud.

Lips Defined

1. The red, red lip
Red lips have been trying to make a big comeback for years now. Every fall, we see hints of red lips, ever so brave, trying to be as big as it was back when. And this year, it just might succeed. Why? Creamy red, with beautiful gold shimmer, or true blue-red are THE reds this year. And finally, with the refined tailored suits, and slim pant suits being the new fall sillouette, red lips finally makes it come together. It’s not sheer, it’s not glossy or burgundy red, or orange red (for those on the orange kick- one word – it’s OVER…) Nope, this season,it’s just your perfect true red. Beautiful.

2. The new matte
You’ve seen it, in small sneak peeks here and there. Just look at your top fashion magazines,and it’s hiding, ready to make it’s big come-back. What is it? Matte lips. Check Elle, Vogue, Bazaar. It’s there. In light brown, sand, taupe, nude lip colors, but surprisingly matte. Usually paired with a shimmery or wet glossy eye, to calm down the shock waves, but it’s new, fresh, and surprisingly ‘It’. Just take your nude eyeshadow, apply on lips with a touch of your moisturizer over (you want matte, not parched) or apply your old 80′s Bobbi Brown brown-nude lipstick (I KNOW you have one…), press off excess with a kleenex and dust a loose powder over with a powder brush to set. Ah, anyone getting deja-vu yet?

3. Eggplant
Not ready to break open the red red lipstick yet? Don’t worry, you still have time to overcome the color shock before Christmas. Ease into it with THE new fall lip tone, deep ‘eggplant’. Every major makeup line will have it. A deep, blue-burgandy deep purple lip. Wear it creamy or glossy. Looks great with the gold eye, or the brown eyeshadows that are coming back again. Just look in the back of your makeup drawer, they’re there, your old faithful brown eyeshadow. Can’t find it? Try your summer bronzer as eyeshadow. The warm orangey/red tones will compliment the blueness of the eggplant. Just make sure the eyes and lips get equal attention with this look, otherwise, you’ll look like a wanna-be from the movie ‘Beetle Juice’.