Exclusive Party Make Overs & Dresses 2012 By Khawer Riaz


Khawar Riaz is a Renowned Bridal Photographer. He has been a pioneering figure for giving new frontiers to the fashion industry; by enhancing and formulating new concepts and sheer hard work. The Epitome of Beauty in our part of the world is a Bride. The Wedding is the one day where every girl has a Right to be the princess she has always dreamed of . At Khawar Riaz, the Brides are a complete depiction of an innocent yet radiant, unmatched Beauty. His philosophy of Make-up is flawless yet subtle and breaking the norms of the typical drag Queen (the typical dark eyed bronzy make-up) culture; his prime focus is to make Bridal look Classy and Royal. While satisfying his own quest for Art and combining that with his knowledge of facial bone structure, the texture of skin, the quality of color and the slant of light; with primarily focusing on the Bride’s personality more, rather than making her a Soulless Beauty. He starts with a Blank canvas, primes it, and then paints his masterpieces.