Entertainment platform for construction and development of society


The four-day wedding event provides an opportunity to plan a perfect
day out and spend their life with a big heart.
Karachi, January 11, 2015: Staying true to its commitment of providing a quality entertainment to masses, this time HUM SITARAY organized a four day wedding event, in which it will be discussed that a disabled person can live a happily married life proudly. Everyone is busy in celebrating wedding with different rituals, loud music and dance. But this time our diva, and queen of hosts, Shaista Lodhi, brings out some positive change in the society. Everyone in our society wants a perfect life partner. On the other hand, we know nobody is perfect.
HUM SITARAY decided to do something different for those who are disabled and need special care. We are celebrating Shayan’s and Urooj’s wedding. Shayan is partially blind, he has completed his graduation and now working in a call centre. And, Urooj is completely fine. As they both are relatives, and for a girl it’s a very challenging decision to make for her life partner. She took a step ahead and fulfilled it bravely. Urooj is a role model for every girl.
The other highlights of this wedding celebrate every single moment of happiness and shows that humanity is still in our hearts. Most of the time we hide our children from the fear of society but Shayan accepted
the reality and faced it with a big heart.


According to the Sitaray Ki Subha team’s leader Shaista Lodhi takes it not only the step for humanity but a very practical and doable step for society in general, a society where people with disabilities do not have right or access to usual happenings of life, girls are being over age just in wait for appropriate and suitable match, she has
proved with positivity we can use the entertainment platform for construction and development of society. For the first day religious and political parties backed Sks teams step. Syed Hamza Qadri scholar and Rauf Siddique were there and handed over the salami to the couple from Mr. Altaf Hussain.

“I always encourage my children’s to make friends with the one who needs special care. I personally believe that we should always serve humanity first. And, I would like to thank my entire team for believing in me and supporting me to serve humanity.”  Said by Shaista Lodhi, host of Hum Sitaray.